Membership Application

Contractor Membership

Contractor Membership is open to be any person, firm or corporation engaged in the business of electrical contracting including erecting, installing, repairing, servicing or maintaining electric wiring, devices, appliances or equipment including purchasing from suppliers and selling or furnishing manufactured parts and products.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any person, firm or corporation that providfes a service and/or product to the electrical industry.  Associate membership fee is billed annually, January 1 of each year.

IEC Associate Membership includes

  • Access to the IEC office for information and services
  • A forum for communicating with electrical contractors
  • Active participation in IEC National functions
  • Attendance at all IEC general membership meetings
  • Participation in IEC insurance and pension programs
  • Participation in IEC sponsored workshops and seminars
  • The industry publication IEC Insights
  • Valuable contacts and business leads through associating with other professionals in our industry


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The firm hereby makes application for membership in the IEC and certifies that the foregoing statements are correct, that it will be governed by the IEC Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. In becoming a member of IEC, I/we agree to support IEC in its mission.

Tax Implocations of Membership: 11.05% of your total dues are used for lobbying expense and therefore non-deductible as a business expense for Federal Income Tax purposes. Of your total dues, $16.00 is used for the IEC Insights Publication and is non-deductible as a business expense for Federal Income Tax purposes.

IEC Dues Structure

Contractor Membership Dues

A one-time Membership initiation fee of $350 is due with the submission of this application. Membership dues may be submitted annually, quarterly, or monthly as follows:

Associate Membership Dues check one:

A one-time Association Membership initiation fee of $50 is due for all Associate Membership categories with submission of this application.

Payment Information

You will not be charged until your application has been accepted.